The Motto or Clarion Call of CCFNi

As part of Cross of Calvary Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) Incorporated contribution to the Roadmap to Peace and Harmony in the world, kindly permit us to recall her Motto or The Clarion Call, which runs thus,

“Dearly beloved, on behalf of the Board of Trustees of Cross of Calvary Foundation of Nigeria, Inc., we bring you Calvary Greetings. We wish to use this auspicious occasion to send a clarion call that bothers on the burden the Almighty God endows in our hearts to deliver to the entire humanity to restore Love, Peace and Harmonious Relationships to our World.

We passionately call on all public-spirited individuals and organizations, especially members of the various Legislative Houses, both at the International, National and State and Local Government levels worldwide.  Others we graciously call upon are the Spiritual and Temporal Leaders, their Royal Majesties, Fathers, Chiefs, Clan and Village Heads and all men and women of goodwill.

We must rise to the challenges of restoring social justice, cordial relationships amongst the man and woman; succor to the orphans, widows and the downtrodden masses of the various societies in the globe.  We must enact and implement laws that will guarantee everybody the rights to be born, live, die and be buried in accordance with his or her religious belief.   We must equality of sexes as enshrined in all constitutions of all Democratic Governments in the world.   May the Almighty and Merciful God touch our hearts so that together we can bring about the much desired positive change.   Amen.

Meantime, services of Coordinators are required to represent the Foundation in all the Local Government Areas, States, including the Federal Capital Territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Abuja and even beyond.

For details contact: The Coordinator-General, Cross of Calvary Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) Inc., Benin City, Edo State – Nigeria.

Website: or visit: and GSM: +2348024218682.


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Paul Umane is a Nonviolent Activist. He is also a Natural Theologian, an Academic Expert and a Consultant on Christology that runs a Terrorism Resolvability Mastermind Group under the platform of Cross of Calvary Foundation – ccfn Inc. The Foundation renders, among others, psycho social support to orphans, vulnerable children and widows. She also renders CONSULTANCY SERVICES on crisis resolution on most, if not all, forms of ancient and modern acts of terrorism to world Political, Spiritual, Royal and Temporal Leaders because we do know it is only in an atmosphere of PEACE and HARMONY that lies the peace of the entire humanity and her businesses. Therefore, if you know of any of such Leaders looking for how to stem all forms of acts of terrorism in their countries, denominations, domains and to protect their business empires, respectively, please forward this to him or her. You can contact us @ Tel No: +2349056801782

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