Peace and Harmony in the Mideast

“Israeli military bulldozers on Tuesday demolished four stores belonging to Palestinians in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan,
Silwan is one of many Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem that is seeing an influx of Israeli settlers at the cost of demolition of Palestinian homes and eviction of Palestinian families.” Ma’an News Agency.

The above excerpt refers.
My brothers and sisters the Israelis and Palestinians, please, I am on my knees and in the name of the Almighty God, let there be peace and harmony in the Mideast. As part of Cross of Calvary Foundation of Nigeria widow’s mite’s contribution toward resolving the Mideast perennial Land Dispute between the Israelis and the Palestinians, we passionately crave your indulgence to recall Chapter 7 of an eBook titled #The GODHEAD & HUMANITY (The Unregenerate Heart is Desperately Wicked), Volume 1 that is published by Smashwords. The Chapter christened: THE FAMILY BACKGROUND OF ABRAM AND HIS SOJOURN IN CANAAN simply reads in part,

“Like what it was before the Almighty God repented and very sorry He ever created the human race, our working data records with the passage of time under the Noahic dispensation that the innumerable iniquitous conditions and wickedness of the children of Noah after they had been scattered all over the earth once again cried out to the high heavens. However, in the midst of all that, the Almighty God once again found a very faithful man. Like Noah, God finds Abram who hails from Mesopotamia or the modern day Iraq or Iran whom God calls his bosom friend and confidant. He belongs to the family tree or genealogy of Nahor and Terah, being the grandfather and father, respectively.

In what has become a very popular song all over the world about God’s call of Abram, we have, “… The LORD said to him, ‘Your descendants will be strangers in a foreign land (Egypt); they will be slaves there and will be treated cruelly for four hundred years. However, I will punish the nation that enslaves them, and when they leave that foreign land, they will take great wealth with them. You yourself will live to a ripe age, die in peace, and be buried. It will be four generations before your descendants come back here, because I will not drive out the Amorites until they become so wicked that they must be punished. When the sun had set and it was dark, a smoking fire-pot and a flaming torch suddenly appeared and passed between the pieces of the animals. Immediately, the LORD made a covenant with Abram. He said, ‘I promise to give your descendants all this land from the border of Egypt to the River Euphrates, including the lands of the Kenites, the Kenizzites, the Kadmonites, and Hitittes, the Perizzites, the Rephaim, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Girgahsites, and the Jebusites.’” (Emphasis ours) Genesis 15: 1-21.

Accordingly, our recommendations are:

i. That Everybody May Be Found Worthy: In the present day decadence world we sincerely hope and pray that all of us may be found worthy by the Almighty God for His use to achieve His Divine Purpose (s) on the planet earth.
ii. The Need for Patience: That everyone should pray against Impatience. For impatient will make us lose focus like Abram who having lived in the Canaan land for ten years without bearing a child whom the wife Sarai advised to sleep with her slave-girl Hagar that she opined could have a child for her because the LORD had kept her from having children for the husband obliged. As if Abram had eagerly awaited such an opportunity, he bought the idea wholesale. Therefore, Sarai gave Hagar to the husband to be his concubine and when he had intercourse with her, she became pregnant and borne him Ishmael (Genesis 16: 8-14.)
iii. Prayer for the Grace of God: In addition to praying for patience, we should also passionately request for the Grace of God to see us through in our daily endeavor. That though God’s promise may tarry but at the appointed time, it must surely come to pass. The Good News Bible records after an illegitimate son, Ishmael, had been born by a slave-girl Hagar that the LORD blessed Sarah as he had promised. That Isaac was born at the time the LORD said he would and when the child was eight days old, the father circumcised him in accordance with the Lord’s command and named him Isaac. That Abram was one hundred years old when Isaac was born, which made Sarah to exclaim God brought joy and laughter to everyone who would hear about it because Isaac in Hebrew means, “He laughs.”
iv. The Disputed Canaan Land: There is the urgent need for the Israelis and the Palestinians to revisit the issue of Canaan being the Promise Land to the Jews. Writing on Abram’s sojourn in Canaan and how he had a foothold on a piece of land therein, we have, “They answered, ‘Listen to us, sir. We look upon you as a mighty leader; bury your wife in the best grave that we have. Any of us would be glad to give you a grave, so that you can bury her.’ Then Abraham bowed before them and said, ‘If you are willing to let me bury my wife here, please ask Ephron son of Zohar to sell me Machalah Cave, which is near the edge of his field. Ask him to sell it to me for full price, here in your presence, so that I can own it as a burial-ground.’”(Emphasis ours) Genesis 23: 7-8. The preceding verse 9 states Ephron himself was sitting with the other Hittites at the meeting at the city gate when Abraham made the historic request. The Hittite declared publicly he would give Abraham the whole field and the cave that was also in it. In the presence of his own people, he declared he would give the land to Abraham to enable him bury his wife. But politely, Abraham bowed before the Hittites and spoke and requested the Hittite to listen to him that he would like to buy the whole field. So, Ephron the Hittite said to Abram, sir, the land is worth four hundred pieces of silver and that he should not let the issue of cost be between them that he should go there and bury his wife. Turning adversity into a historic moment in his life, Abram gladly weighed out the sum of four hundred pieces of silver in accordance with the standard weight used by the merchants in the full glare of the entire Hittites as witnesses for the purchase of the piece of land.
v. The Corroboration of Deacon Stephen: That in trying to achieve amicable settlement in the disputed land, the corroboration of Saint Stephen on the issue should be carefully taken into consideration. Writing on the subject matter, the Good News Bible records, “The High Priest asked Stephen, ‘Is this true?’ Stephen answered, ‘Brothers and fathers listen to me! Before our ancestor Abraham had gone to live in Haran, the God of glory appeared to him in Mesopotamia (Modern day Sudan: Sudan or Southern Sudan, whichever) and said to him, ‘Leave your family and country and go to the land that I will show you.’ Therefore, he left his country and went to live in Haran. After Abraham’s father died, God made him move to this land where you now live. God did not then give Abraham any part of it as his own, not even a square meter of ground, but God promised to give it to him, and that it would belong to him and to his descendants. At the time God made this promise, Abraham had no children. This is what God said to him, ‘Your descendants will live in a foreign country, where they will be slaves and will be badly treated for four hundred years. Nevertheless, I will pass judgment on the people (Egyptians) that they will serve, and afterwards they will come out of that country and will worship me in this place. Then God gave Abraham the ceremony of circumcision as a sign of the covenant (like God’s Everlasting Rainbow Covenant with Noah and his descendants). So Abraham circumcised Isaac a week after he was born; Isaac circumcised his son Jacob, and Jacob circumcised his twelve sons, the famous ancestors of our race.” (Emphasis ours) Acts 7: 1-8.
The Deacon explains not even Abram got a square meter of the land in Canaan, the so-called Promise Land. Stephen reiterates the LORD avows his descendants would live in a foreign land, Egypt, where they would be enslaved and be badly treated for a period of four hundred years. He equally asserts God said he would pass judgment on the people of Egypt that would enslave the Jews and afterwards the children of Israel would come out of the land of enslavement. Part of the deal was that Abram would worship the LORD in the place where he resided. Well, all that is now part of history.
vi. The Saint Paul’s Side of the Case: Equally, worthy of our recommendation is the comment of Saint Paul who simply writes, “To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things that people of ancient times won God’s approval. … It was faith that made Abraham obey when God called him to go out to a country, which he had promised to give him. He left his own country without knowing where he was going. By faith, he lived as a foreigner in the country that God had promised him. He lived in tents, as did Isaac and Jacob, who received the same promise from God. For Abraham was waiting for the city that God had designed and built the city (Christendom where Christ is the King) with permanent foundation. … It was in faith that all these persons died. They did not receive the things God had promised, but from a long way off, they saw them, and welcomed them, and admitted openly that they were foreigners and refugees on earth. Those who say such things made it clear that they are looking for a country of their own (the Christendom). They did not keep thinking about the country they left (Mesopotamia); if they had, they would have had the chance to return. Instead, it was a better country they longed for, the heavenly country (As I said before, the Christendom!) And so God is not ashamed for them to call him their God, because he has prepared a city for them. …. What a record all of these have won by their faith! Yet they did not receive what God had promised, because God had decided on an even better plan for us (Christians irrespective of creed, race and or nationality!) His purpose was that only in company with us (Christians) would they (non-Christians) be made perfect. Emphasis ours) Hebrews 11: 1-40.
vii. The Lesson from the Rivalry between Esau and Jacob: That the birth of the twin Esau and Jacob is symbolic as it turns out to be prophesying the rivalry between the Old Covenant of Promise and the New Covenant of Grace embedded in the present document calls the Holy Bible. Writing on it, our working data records, “This is the story of Abraham’s son Isaac. Isaac was forty years old when he married Rebecca, the daughter of Bethuel (an Aramean from Mesopotamia) and sister of Laban. Because Rebecca had no children, Isaac prayed to the LORD for her. The LORD answered his prayer, and Rebecca became pregnant. She was going to have twins, and before they were born, they struggled against each other in her womb. She said, ‘Why should something like this happen to me?’ So she went to ask the LORD for an answer. The LORD said to her, ‘two nations are within you; you will give birth to two rival peoples. One will be stronger than the other; the older will serve the younger.’ (The New Covenant of Grace embedded in the New Testament Bible will supersede the Old Covenant of Promise enshrined in the Old Testament Bible.) The time came for her to give birth, and she had twin sons. The first one was reddish, and his skin was like a hairy robe, so he was named Esau. The second one was born holding tightly to the heel of Esau, so he was named Jacob. Isaac was sixty years old when they were born.” (Emphasis ours). Genesis 25: 19-26.
viii. The Almighty God’s Divine Intervention: The humanity should kindly take judicious notice of how the Almighty God orchestrated various events that brought the aforementioned prophesy into fruition. What our working Bible christens: Isaac blesses Jacob, after the LORD’s appearance to him before the second world famine that ravaged the then entire world when the Governor Joseph came to the rescue is very intuitive. It is highly intuitive to know that no profane mind like that of Esau who only cares about his physical to the neglect of the spiritual well being can please God. As Esau finds out in a very hard way, when Isaac became very old and blind he sent for his elder son Esau and told him he should realize he would die soonest. Specifically, he advised Esau to cook him some of the delicacies or tasty food he liked so much for him to eat before he would give him his final parting gift of blessing. The passage records while Isaac was speaking to Esau that Rebecca the wife eve-dropped the conversation and what happens afterwards is now history. Suffice to state Isaac Blessed Jacob thus, “May God give you dew from heaven and make your field fertile! May he give you plenty of corn and wine! May peoples bow down before you. May you rule over all your relations, and may your mother’s descendants bow down before you. May those who bless you be blessed.’?” Genesis 27: 28-29.
ix. Esau Begs for Mercy: That it is too late when the head is off the body. Highlighting how Esau belatedly begged for his father’s blessings when he came back from hunting and had brought him food, which is a very clear indication the New Covenant of Grace (New Testament Bible) will definitely supersedes the Old Covenant of Promise (Old Testament Bible), the preceding verse 30 records when Jacob had finished receiving all the blessings from the father and had left that Esau emerged. The rest is again now history but suffice to say when Esau heard the father had already blessed his younger brother Jacob/Israel in his stead that he broke down in tears. Loudly and bitterly, too, the profane Esau cried that he be given his due share of the blessings because he too was the son. By so doing, he seemed to have forgotten he had earlier sold his birth rights over a pot of porridge to his younger brother Jacob anyway. Disappointedly, the Good News Bible records, “Isaac answered, ‘Your brother came and deceived me. He has taken away your blessing.’ Esau said, ‘This is the second time that he has cheated me. No wonder his name is Jacob. He took my rights as the first son, and now, he has taken away my blessing. Haven’t you saved a blessing for me.?’ Isaac answered, “I have already made him master over you, and I have made his relatives year slaves. I have given him corn and wine. Now there is nothing that I can do for you, my son!’” Genesis 27: 35-37.
x. The Esau Resistance Movement: Accordingly, we recommend there is a very salient lesson the entire humanity should learn from the scenario. Verse 38 records Esau asked the father whether he had only one blessing and as the passage puts it, “Esau continued to plead with his father: ‘Have you only one blessing, father? Bless me too, father!’ He began to cry. Then Isaac said to him, ‘No dew from heaven for you. No fertile fields for you.’” Genesis 27: 38-39. By extension, it means that the Resistance Movement of the Palestinians against the Jews is God’s divine way of bringing about peaceful settlement between the twin brothers or nations. Our working data further records when Esau continued to persistently cry and plead for blessings from the father that he stressed Esau would live by sword and would be his brother’s slave. The dying old man Isaac, however, assured Esau when he rebels or grows restless (like the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in the Middle East or any other place for that matter) that he would break away from the brother, Jacob’s control. In what the Good News Bible christens: Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau, which is a fulfillment of Isaac’s prophesy Esau would break away from Jacob’s control when he had become restless or rebellious (the Palestinians would gain freedom from the Israelis), when they eventually met, among others, we have, “Esau asked, ‘What about that other group I met? What did that mean?’ Jacob answered, ‘It was to gain your favor.’ However, Esau said, ‘I have enough. My brother, keep what you have.’ Jacob said, ‘No, please, if I have gained your favor, accept my gift. To see your face is for me like seeing the face of God, now that you have been so friendly to me. Please accept this gift which I have brought for you; God has been kind to me and given me everything I need.’ Jacob kept on urging him until he accepted.” Genesis 33: 8-11.
xi. Negotiated Settlement is the Solution: That Jacob and Esau’s experience is very intuitive for the entire humanity, especially the Palestinians and the Israelites in coming to a negotiated settlement in their present uncalled for genocidal war and or pogrom that is raging in the Middle East. They should take judicious note “wrestling or warring” could not settle the issue, therefore, we dare say nobody will win the battle, which is now raging in the Middle East as it did not win Israel and the “Strange man” who turns out to be the Almighty God the wrestling bout.
xii. A Boundless Peace in Sight in the Middle East: After bathing in the euphoria of a very joyous moment of his indescribable encounter with Jacob, then Esau urged Israel to get ready to immediately journey home with him, which of course had all along been his heart desire and continues to be the desire of the brother Israel. Esau even volunteered to guide Jacob with his four hundred-man-strong soldiers to be in front of him but Israel the ancestors of the Israelis declined on the ground that some of his children were too weak to undergo such a rigor. He added the brother must also think about his livestock with their young ones and if they were to be driven hard for even one day that the whole herds would die. He pleaded with Esau to go ahead of them and that he would slowly but surely come along. That is, as fast as he could go with the livestock and the children until he could catch up with him at home in Edom. Having listened to the younger brother, Esau obliged Israel. Therefore, Esau started his journey back to Edom while Jacob went to Sukkoth where we are told he instantly built a tent for himself and shelter for his livestock. As such, our working Bible records it was because Israel built a tent and shelters in the place that it was named Sukkoth.
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Paul Omo Umane is a Non-Violet Activist, an Academic Expert on Christology and Consultant #Uniting Humanity Mastermind under the auspices of Cross of Calvary Foundation – CCFN Inc. The Group is also a very unique MOVEMENT that AIMS to enthrone the undiluted tenets of the New Covenant of Grace the Lord Jesus Christ enunciates where BORN-AGAIN Christians and all interested parties are eligible to enlist. Paul, for strategic reasons, operates the Mastermind to actively assist all BORN-AGAIN Christian Leaders in Position of Authorities in political, religious, royal and business sectors of the society in the Globe. He wants to assist them because Research has shown the Leaders are increasingly becoming overwhelmed with the various acts of catastrophic violence bordering on terrorism throughout the world, which places too much demand on their time at work to clarify and prioritize their focus. The Mastermind is greatly equipped to render Consultancy Services to her CLIENTS to enable her POSITIVELY impact them on how to win over the so-called terrorists that were driven into extremism by the superimposition of BAD Politicking over RELIGION. Finally, Paul operates Consultancy Services so as to equip the Clients with the right INFORMATION and Sound KNOWLEDGE that will enable them effortlessly deprogram and re-configure the mindsets of our Fellow-humans that are now tagged terrorists. I mean some of our Fellow-humanity that is constrained to take to arms, in the first instance, due to undue interplay of Politics over Religion, which teaches them to believe head or tail they lose in the game of chess calls LIFE.

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