Election and Consecration of Pope Gregory 1 the Great


The working encyclopedia under the title, The Ostrogothic Papacy, states the era runs from 493 – 537 AD and that the Papacy election of March 483 AD was the first to take place without the existence of a Western Roman emperor.  It authoritatively asserts the Papacy was strongly influenced by the Ostrogothic kingdom and if the pope was not an outright appointee of the Emperor.  Furthermore, it adds the election and administration of popes during the period was extraordinarily influenced by Theodoric the Great and his successors Theohadad and Athalalric. Adding the period ends with the re-conquest of Rome by Justinian 1 in the Gothic War, which invariably kick-starts the “Byzantine Papacy (537 – 752 AD) on November 22, 498 AD and that the role of the Ostrogoths becomes very much pronounced in the first schism when two men were elected popes.  Subsequently, that the triumph of Pope Symmachus (49-…

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Paul Umane is a Nonviolent Activist. He is also a Natural Theologian, an Academic Expert and a Consultant on Christology that runs a Terrorism Resolvability Mastermind Group under the platform of Cross of Calvary Foundation – ccfn Inc. The Foundation renders, among others, psycho social support to orphans, vulnerable children and widows. She also renders CONSULTANCY SERVICES on crisis resolution on most, if not all, forms of ancient and modern acts of terrorism to world Political, Spiritual, Royal and Temporal Leaders because we do know it is only in an atmosphere of PEACE and HARMONY that lies the peace of the entire humanity and her businesses. Therefore, if you know of any of such Leaders looking for how to stem all forms of acts of terrorism in their countries, denominations, domains and to protect their business empires, respectively, please forward this to him or her. You can contact us @ omoloria@gmail.com. Tel No: +2349056801782

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