The Appointments and Consecrations of Popes


As the spate of uncertainty continues in the then Roman Empire, which makes Henry Moss to succinctly state even so it is very important to remember that in the eyes of the contemporaries the Roman Empire was still one and indivisible. He adds it would have been considered as falsehood the idea at that time to speak of either Eastern and or Western empire because the two blocs were still thought of as “the Eastern, or Western part (partes orinteis vel occidentis).  Therefore, Rome has to devise a means to stabilize the administration of the whole empire by tightening her grip on the Vatican City and to that extent, the entire Christendom. First, it is to have a firm grip on the Christendom that makes the Emperor Constantine whose profession of being a Christian is highly debatable not only to decriminalize Christian worship but to make Christianity a Roman State…

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Paul Omo Umane is a Non-Violet Activist, an Academic Expert on Christology and Consultant #Uniting Humanity Mastermind under the auspices of Cross of Calvary Foundation – CCFN Inc. The Group is also a very unique MOVEMENT that AIMS to enthrone the undiluted tenets of the New Covenant of Grace the Lord Jesus Christ enunciates where BORN-AGAIN Christians and all interested parties are eligible to enlist. Paul, for strategic reasons, operates the Mastermind to actively assist all BORN-AGAIN Christian Leaders in Position of Authorities in political, religious, royal and business sectors of the society in the Globe. He wants to assist them because Research has shown the Leaders are increasingly becoming overwhelmed with the various acts of catastrophic violence bordering on terrorism throughout the world, which places too much demand on their time at work to clarify and prioritize their focus. The Mastermind is greatly equipped to render Consultancy Services to her CLIENTS to enable her POSITIVELY impact them on how to win over the so-called terrorists that were driven into extremism by the superimposition of BAD Politicking over RELIGION. Finally, Paul operates Consultancy Services so as to equip the Clients with the right INFORMATION and Sound KNOWLEDGE that will enable them effortlessly deprogram and re-configure the mindsets of our Fellow-humans that are now tagged terrorists. I mean some of our Fellow-humanity that is constrained to take to arms, in the first instance, due to undue interplay of Politics over Religion, which teaches them to believe head or tail they lose in the game of chess calls LIFE.

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