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I am immensely delighted and very grateful to be part of CNN iReport International Community, which is a platform to share the news that matters most to the Community in particular and the entire peoples of the world in general.  Without sounding immodest, I hope it will not be presumptuous of me to state I am regarded as the World Foremost Visionary, Natural Theologian, Scholar and an Academic Expert in Christology, especially in the studies of the tenet of the #New Covenant of Grace. Most importantly, to actualize the said mission, I carried out a Research Project that spans over a decade, which beams a Search light into both the Old and New Testament Bible that Smashwords has published into eBooks.  For general overview, kindly read #Smashwords Interview with Paul Omo Umane.

Simply put, my stuff is very simple.  It is a non-fictional story that is my Divine Assignment on the planet earth, which is to enthrone the undiluted Tenet of the #New Covenant of Grace that the Lord Jesus Christ lived and died in order to reconcile man back to his Creator, the Almighty God.  It is geared towards steering the entire Humanity, especially the Israelis and the Palestinians, off the precipice of disaster in the Lake of Fire that burns with sulfur and brimstones.

Among others, I shall present excerpts that are coiled out from my Research Project Reports that are addressed to the #Papacy and the #Hierarchy of the Christendom, i.e., all Spiritual Leaders of the various Denominations in the Body of Christ.  Of course, they are also endorsed to the laity for their information and precautionary measure in order to avoid disaster that the Lord Jesus Christ christens “The Awful Horror”, in the Lake of Fire that burns with sulfur and brimstone.  Specifically, the Chapters and subtitles to be presented are, THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE RESEARCH PROJECT PART ONE, TWO and THREE, which deals with the Old Testament Bible under the auspices of the Old Covenant of Promise.  Conversely, in #The GODHEAD & HUMANITY (Total Freedom from Spiritual Enslavement), Volumes 1 – 3 that delves into the New Testament Bible otherwise known as the New Covenant of Grace, the Chapters/Subchapters to be presented are: THE BIG PICTURE OF THE NEW COVENANT OF GRACE PART ONE, TWO, THE HIGH PRIEST CAIAPHAS’ CHARGES AGAINST THE CHRIST PART ONE, TWO, SAUL THE APOSTLE OF JUDAISM, THE BIGGER PICTURE OF THE NEW COVENANT OF GRACE and THE RESEARCH PROJECT HYPOTHESIS ONE (A).

The Project assumptions; hypothesis; methodology; model and findings are:

  1. Assumptions: a) The Jewish Scribe employed by the then Great Roman Empire to compile the old scrolls and the inspired writings of the notable true, as against false Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ purposely expunged some books from the Moratoria List. In some cases, muddled-up the compilation of the document presently known and called the Holy Bible in order to meet the dictates of the then power-that-be in Rome; b) The Puritans were right when they accused Professor Arias Montano who edited The Antwerp Polyglot Bible (1516 – 72) of heresy; c) When the peoples of the world must have learnt to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the Son of God, they would have automatically ceased from their labor and enter into eternal rest, which is only available in Christ Jesus.  By that, we mean the peoples of the entire world would have ceased from labor of the series of ritual sacrifices they embark upon year in and year out in quest of accessing the Almighty God!
  2. Hypothesis: a) Providing a Resolution to the conflict between the Noahic and Abrahamic covenants on one hand and the New Covenant of Grace shall be highly beneficial to the entire humanity, especially the peoples in the Middle East Region; (b) Humanity shall achieve the much desired seeming elusive peace and harmony in the universe; (c) The soared relationships among the various genders, we mean, men, women, boys and girls, which emanates from the operation of the Patriarchy System would be cemented; (d) It will engender rapid spiritual growth that will in turn bring about the socio-economic development and or transformation of the economies of the various nations of the world.

iii.        Methodology: The method we adopted in arriving at our reports, findings and recommendations is the case study and or empirical evidence format, which is digging deep into secondary data.  Therefore, some of the sources we relied on are: a) The Good News Bible with Deuterocanonical Books/Apocrypha, Today’s English Version, Printed by The Bible Society of Nigeria, Lagos, b) The Encyclopedia of the Great Popes through History, c) The Lion Concise Bible Encyclopedia, d) Chambers 20th Century Dictionary, e) The CONSTITUTIONS AND CANONS ECCLESIASTICAL (Made in the year 1603, and amended in the year 1865), to which are added THE THIRTY-NINE ARTICLES OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND etc, f) Who is this Allah by G.J.O. Moshay, g) Isaiah’s Prophesy, Light for All Mankind, Volume1; published by WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACK SOCIETY OF NEW YORK USA INC, h) Federal Republic of Nigeria National Gender Policy, i) The Spiritual Insight, Dimension of the Godhead, Man and Eternity by Paul Omo Umane, j) The Report of Caiaphas to the Sanhedrin Concerning the Execution of Jesus, k) The Report of Caiaphas to the Sanhedrin Concerning the Resurrection of Jesus, l) WATCHTOWER of Feb. 15, 2006, Edition, m) An article christened, Are you an under shepherd or a hireling by Sandy Simpson dated 5/6/10 and n)    The Wikipedia: The History of the Knights Templars.

  1. Model: The good news is that one of the foremost Nigerian novelists of international repute, Professor Chinua Achibe in his award-winning novel titled: Things Fall Apart made a very profound statement, which he credited to Aneke the Bird. The mouthpiece of the bird, Chinua Achibe the novelist, wrote his client avowed since men had learnt to shoot without missing that she too has learnt to fly without perching.  You cannot do better than agree with us to say good and excellent talk!  However, subsequent events have proved the Award-winning Novelist, the said mouthpiece of the bird, very wrong.   The bird through the renowned author woefully failed to recognize that man is created in the image and likeness of the Almighty God and to that extent; he has the creative or innate ability or innovativeness of his Creator in him. The assertion becomes imperative because Aneke the bird, as we said before, woefully failed to realize that man, who is endowed with the wisdom of God, could device an accurate means of shooting any object on motion with some degree of precision. Those being the case, Aneke the bird and indeed her representative need to go back to the drawing board! Most importantly, too, we wish to acknowledge the naked truth that it is a globally accepted axiom that there is hardly any scientific breakthrough, be it in the physical, social and or spiritual sphere or domain that is not attributable to data collation. It includes a very careful process of planning, analyzing and the use of other resources to achieve the set objective(s).   We equally herein acknowledge the fact that even the world well known Athenian Commonwealth, the then Great Roman Empire, we mean, the renown successful military expeditions of the primeval armies owed great tribute to the deployment of some, if not all of the aforementioned techniques.   In the circumstance, therefore, empirical or case study approach, became best suited to our peculiar situation arising from the space of time and places covered in the Research Project that culminated into this Research Reports, Findings and Recommendations.  You will bear us out there was no way we could have been able to conveniently cover all areas and peoples of the universe who are knowledgeable enough to respond to the issues at stake so as to appropriately respond to the questionnaires.  Again, we leave you to image the cost of such a venture than estimated!

… To be continued in PAUL OMO UMANE STUFF PART 2